Our Solutions: Hair Removal Systems

Models 6200 5500 5500 NL (newlook) 5500 MD (modular) ELITE + Compact design + Innovative effective pulsing technology + Low electronic failure statistics + Spare parts availability - High Pump Chamber damage rate - High HVPS (charger) failure rate - Calibration sensitivity - Unconscious, uninformed service abundance Our company has serviced and repaired for the … Continue reading CYNOSURE
Models GENTLELASE GENTLELASE + MINIGENTLELASE + Average on the energy + Stable works + Above average life on the Pump Chamber + Innovative design Hand Piece + Unique patented cooling - Use fiber design which makes it difficult - High HVPS failure rate - Above average risk of electronic failure Our company has serviced and … Continue reading CANDELA
Models LightSheer Lumenis One + Area of the leading technology + Reference products in Diode Laser + Practical software + Stable works + High activity -High cost Hand Piece -Above average failure rate on the PS Our Company successfully repair the model PS (Power Supply) and the Main Board (board). LUMENIS ONE LIGHT SHEER
Models EPICARE LPX LP + Above Average the output energy + Head diversity + High shot speed + Stable output at each level - Common failure diversity - Above average damage on the Pump Chamber - High failure rate of PFN - Difficulty finding spare parts Our company repair parts of the brand listed below. … Continue reading LIGHT AGE
Modeller ALEX SHINE PLUS SHINE Our company repairs parts of the brand listed below. H. POWER SUPPLY Main Board Also coming soon for the brand, on-site service - repair service will begin. You can supply consumable parts and included flash lamp for this brand from us.